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  • Mitigating Risk in Handling eDiscovery

    From Epiq
    One of the most stringent regulations that eDiscovery data is subject to is also one of the least understood.

    This white paper takes a deep dive on the subject of U.S. Export Control laws and regulations, and how to dictate your eDiscovery efforts.

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  • An In-House Counsel's Guide to eDiscovery

    From Epiq
    For practiced in-house counsel, managing eDiscovery can be like suddenly living in country where nobody speaks your language.

    Metadata, terabytes, forensic images, slack space, email archives. For most in-house counsel, these are not terms even Webster knew existed when you were in law school, nor are you likely to use them every day in your legal practice. But for the subset of in-house counsel who manage the company’s eDiscovery activities, these terms get committed to memory very quickly.

    There are numerous best practice treatises and articles that outline the case law requirements, the tools that can be utilized and the overall architecture of an eDiscovery program.

    And good as all of these are, what seems to be missing is the practical application of all those great principles to a profit-making entity.

    This white paper offers best practices, a comprehensive maps of the eDiscovery terrain, and tips for effective eDiscovery efforts.

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  • eDiscovery Without Borders

    From Epiq
    Your passport to managing multilanguage ESI

    As multilanguage ESI grows, it becomes more and more difficult for attorneys and support staff to manage such files.

    This white paper discusses the legal restriction of foreign ESI, best practices for processing review, and more.

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