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Dollars & Data: Law Firms Increasing Marketing, Business Development Tech Spend

By Ian Lopez |

A recent Bloomberg Law/Legal Marketing Association report examined how firms are using and plan to use technology for business development.

What's in Your Warehouse? Closing the Business Intelligence Data Gap

By Zach Warren |

Collecting and normalizing business intelligence data, building a data warehouse, and effective presentation for outside the organization will be key concepts at the 2017 CLOC conference.

Karen Taylor, Anaqua.

Inside Asia's Legal Technology Evolution With Anaqua's Karen Taylor

By Rhys Dipshan |

Corporations operating in Asia are turning to legal technology to manage IP assets and work more efficiently on a global scale.

Information Governance: Law Firms' Cybersecurity Weak Spot

By Ian Raine, Cybersecurity Law & Strategy |

Perimeter security is only one part of a comprehensive legal data security strategy and by itself leaves open a weak spot — attackers who, using phishing or other methods, are able to bypass strong perimeter security systems, and once inside find themselves able to access a firm's emails, documents and other work product.

FTC Tells Paid 'Influencers' to Disclose When Instagram Posts Are #Ads

By C. Ryan Barber |

The Federal Trade Commission is keeping tabs on the growing trend of brands hiring so-called "influencers"—athletes, celebrities and others with large followings—to promote their products on social media. Up until Wednesday, the agency has put the burden of ensuring proper advertising disclosure on the brands. The agency sent 90 letters to influencers and marketers informing them of their responsibility to "clearly and conspicuously" disclose the business relationships behind social media posts.

Brian Stearns and Mark Woolfolk of Morae Legal

For Legal Departments, Tech Enables Broader Transformation

By Rhys Dipshan |

Morae Legal managing directors Brian Stearns and Mark Woolfolk discuss how legal technology enables corporate legal to rethink how it approaches and delegates work.

Panelist L-R David Curle, Mary Juetten, Dan Lear and Monica Zant.

For Law Firms, It's from Alternative Fees to Alternative Business Models

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Evolve Law panelists discussed how technology plays a part in changing the billable hour and the law firm partner structure.

Grading Legal on Operational Excellence

By Rebekah Mintzer |

HBR Consulting knows the difficulty legal departments have evaluating their processes. At CLOC, group leaders will try to help operations professionals make the grade.

Cyber Crime: How Architects, Engineers and Contractors May Be at Risk

By Daniel Gmelin, Hiscox, Property Casualty 360 |

The risk management rundown on making sure your company, no matter the size, is protected from common cyber risks.

Jury Consulting Gets Emotional With the Help of Technology

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Jury consultant Susan Constantine is employing facial recognition software, but the jury is still out on the tool's efficacy and impact.

Corporate Legal's Metrics Mandate: Create Your Own KPIs, or Others Will

By Rhys Dipshan |

The 2017 CLOC Conference focus on harnessing legal data toward actionable metrics is more than advice—it's increasingly becoming a business necessity.

A large crowd rallies on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court, led by top Democrat lawmakers, to denounce President Donald Trump’s executive order banning immigration from 7 Muslim-majority countries, on January 30, 2017.

E-Discovery Could Be Key in Trump Travel Ban Litigation

By Ed Silverstein |

Justice Department attorneys claim the information sought in the Washington case, much of it related to executive orders, is actually protected by various privileges.

Compliance Playing Catch-Up with Regulators in Data Analytics Race

By Charles Hastie, Clutch Group |

As the regulators’ own capabilities of examining big data grows, it becomes less likely that they will discuss search terms with you to narrow down a data request.

Server Room

Data Protection Education Lacking, but Hardline Policies Deny Reality of Employee Behavior

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

A kCura-sponsored study found that, when companies have data policies in place, employees often don't know about them or fail to abide by them.

Fire Hazards, and the Power of Checklists for Effective E-discovery New Matter Planning

By Matthew Verga and Sarah Cole, Advanced Discovery |

An effective new matter planning checklist needs to address all six phases of your e-discovery project. Here’s a 24 question example.

Why Artificial Intelligence Can't Compete With Humans, and Vice Versa

By Rhys Dipshan |

Limited by its computational nature, AI in legal falls short of being able to interpret and contextualize data the way attorneys can.

Video Depositions May Come of Age in the Cloud Era

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Cloud technology and tablet camera technology could make video depositions a lot less analog.

Buying or Upgrading Practice Management Software? 4 Things to Know

By Ian Lopez |

Implementing practice management tools can be a pain. Here are some considerations when making the move.

'Smart Contracts' Demand Sharper Tech Skills From Lawyers, Experts Say

By Charles Toutant |

While expectations should be tempered, experts said blockchain adoption will bring changes to the practice of law.

Corporations’ Living Data: 3 Biometric Trends to Keep An Eye On

By Rhys Dipshan |

Even with security advancements, the use of biometric data may running into increased regulatory oversight and far-reaching state privacy laws.

Next Stop for Waymo-Uber Fight Is the Federal Circuit

By Scott Graham |

The former Google employee at the center of the trade secrets case persuaded the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit to slow things down.

Wolters Kluwer Aiming to Streamline Research into the Cybersecurity ‘Haystack’

By Zach Warren |

The new Cybersecurity & Privacy Law Suite provides curated news and enhanced searching capabilities for security-minded corporate legal professionals.

The 5 Factors for Legal to Consider for Joint Development Agreements

By Eric M. Lee, Thomson Reuters Practical Law |

Regardless of a joint development agreement's (JDA's) ultimate structure, counsel should consider certain key issues, ranging from IP to dispute resolution.


This GC Thinks He Can Quantify the Long-Subjective Art of Service Provider Value

By Zach Warren |

The brainchild of Mark Smolik, GC of DHL’s American supply chain operations, Qualmet’s first cloud-based platform assesses and compares the performance of legal service providers.

Tim Clauss.

The Information Governance Evolution From the Insider’s Perspective

By Ian Lopez |

InOutsource’s Tim Clauss discusses his firsthand experience with the changing role of information governance at law firms over the past 15 years.

Corporate E-Discovery Struggles With Employee Mobile Device Proliferation

By Rhys Dipshan |

As companies expand mobile device in-house, many are worried about their ability to limit the exposure of potentially discoverable corporate data.

'Need to Know' Security: New Standard of Care, New Competitive Advantage

By Keith Lipman, Prosperoware |

Law firms need to pay attention to both the ACC guidelines and the NYS DFS regulations in order to compete in the current marketplace.

A Perfect Global Storm: In-House Leaders See Rough Waters, Similar Challenges

By E. Leigh Dance, Global Counsel Leaders Circle |

These six conclusions of one survey, including the increasing focus on technology and IT, say that change is here for in-house counsel.

ONE Discovery Looks to Expand E-discovery’s UX Focus with New Solution

By Rhys Dipshan |

The new company is betting on the demand for a "for e-discovery professionals, by e-discovery professionals" tool in the enterprise space.

UK Incubator Sets Sights on 'Regtech' for Corporate Compliance

By Rhys Dipshan |

Named Codify, the U.K.-based incubator will provide regulation technology startups with logistical resources and strategic advice and direction from corporate professionals.

Ex-New Jersey Judge, Colleagues Lose Bid to Dismiss Computer Hacking Suit

By Charles Toutant |

Former Essex County Superior Court Judge Carol Ferentz, Benjamin DelVento and DelVento's sons Benjamin Jr. and Matthew had moved to dismiss the suit by Maurice Donovan.

Labor and Employment stock illustration.

Bloomberg BNA Updates Its L&E Tool Set With Heat Maps, Tracking Analytics

By Ian Lopez |

In an arena with increasingly more tech options for labor and employment, Bloomberg Law tries walking attorneys 'soup to nuts' through compliance processes.

Ecology concept, businessman keeping a green leaf in his pocket

Reducing Your Firm's Carbon Footprint Requires Digitizing Your Records

By Parviz Rezvani, ABI |

A switch to electronic records can save time and money while reducing a law practice's carbon footprint.

The Vicissitudes of the EU-US Cross-Border Transfer

By Ryan Costello, eTERA Consulting |

A look at SCCs in the Irish High Court, Privacy Shield confidence, and what it means for those searching for a comprehensive compliance program.

Close of the future in customer care reps.

Billy Bot, a Chatbot with A Funny Streak, Takes A Barristers' Clerkship

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

The new chatbot hopes to provide a new public face for barristers' offices.

Apple Headquarters at 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino, California.

Apple Enters Self-Driving Race: Here's the Overall Lineup

By Cheryl Miller |

Apple hasn't said what it plans for the three Lexus RX450h models and six drivers now permitted by the DMV.

Jason Van Dyke

Attorney in Revenge Porn Twitter War Sues DA over Rescinded Job Offer

By John Council |

Van Dyke said in 2014 he became the subject of media coverage when he sued a "dark net" revenge porn website called Pinkmeth on behalf of a plaintiff.

In-Car Payments to Drive Risks for Auto Companies

By Stephanie Forshee |

Adding credit card information to a vehicle's systems is just one more data point to be aware of in terms of data collection and privacy.

Got a Negative Online Review? First Things First: Turn Off Your Attorney

By Dan Lear, Cybersecurity Law & Strategy |

It happened. Some current or former client had the gall to write something less than flattering about you online. What do you do? The first thing to do, and this can be the hardest thing for attorneys, is to turn off your attorney. Feedback can be hard to take.

Embracing Digital, LSAT Loosens Its Grip on the No. 2 Pencil

By Karen Sloan |

The Law School Admission Council will conduct the first nationwide digital exam on May 20, with 1,000 prospective law students taking the test on tablet computers.

K&L Gates Fills Breach-Response Need with RADAR Deal

By Lizzy McLellan |

The partnership follows the departure from K&L Gates of Pittsburgh partner Roberta Anderson, a co-founder of the firm's six-year-old cybersecurity practice.

E-discovery Leader Ipro Announces ‘Substantial Investment’ from ParkerGale Capital

By Zach Warren |

The deal, whose monetary details have not been disclosed, will allow ‘increased investment across all departments’ and provide further acquisition opportunities, the company says.

New Rules Meant to Keep Sharks Out of 'Ocean of Data' Could Slow Work, Raise Costs

By David Ruiz |

The ACC rules lower the chance of breaches, lawyers said, but they also provide a roadblock: Lawyers can't access files as quickly.

Global Patent Filings Spike in Fintech

By Stephanie Forshee |

An analysis published Tuesday from London law firm EMW shows a drastic spike in global patent filings related to fintech in 2016 compared to 2015.

J.C. Boggs, King & Spalding, Partner and Dean C. Garfield, Information Technology Industry Council, President and CEO opened the 2017 Cybersecurity & Privacy Summit, hosted by King & Spalding on April 24, 2017.

Cyberinsurance and Vendor Follies Headline King & Spalding Cybersecurity Summit

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Panelists hoped to bring clarity to risk management anxieties arising from the fast-changing cybersecurity market.

Not Everyone Is Happy About Latest Fintech Charter Proposal

By Stephanie Forshee |

Many traditional financial institutions, trade groups and regulators are seeking more clarity on regulations or outright opposing the OCC's proposal.

The Benefits of Welcoming AI Into the Legal Department

By Jennifer Williams-Alvarez |

An upcoming CLOC session will focus on the current uses of AI to drive positive operational improvements in spend analytics and outside counsel management.

Philadelphia Bar Taking Data-Driven Approach to Judicial Politics

By Max Mitchell |

During the upcoming May 16 primary, volunteers from the bar association will pass out fliers with ratings and answer any voter questions about the process.

Back row from left: Jackson Gorski, Sarah Kelly, Mary Rios, Crystal Fletcher, Andrew Bernick, Mario Cantu, and TOJI Director Anne-Marie Rabago. Front row from left: Carolyn Cadena, Kori Martin, DeVondolyn Arrington, and Claire Vaho

First Participants in Texas Bar Legal Incubator Program Help Close the Justice Gap

By Angela Morris |

Participants in the Texas Opportunity and Justice Incubator have emerged from an intense three-week boot camp that turbocharged the launches of their solo practices.

Will 'Draft Measures' Help Clarify Data Transfer Issues in China?

By Ed Silverstein |

The Chinese government says the data transfer Draft Measure clarifies the recently passed Cybersecurity Law, but companies may find some of the regulations potentially cumbersome.

Government Accountability Office building in Washington, D.C.

GAO's Fintech Report Highlights Data Security, Lack of Clarity on Regulatory Oversight

By Stephanie Forshee |

Regardless of which agency oversees which type of fintech company, data security is of top concern, the report noted.

Using Computer Forensics to Investigate Employee Data Theft

By Timothy M. Opsitnick, Joseph M. Anguilano and Trevor B. Tucker, JURINNOV, Cybersecurity Law & Strategy |

When suspicions of employee data theft arise, it is important to engage a computer forensics expert to perform a theft-of-IP analysis in order to preserve electronic data and uncover important evidence.

Technology Tools for the Art of Legal Marketing

By LTN Staff |

Five legal marketing experts break down how technology has changed the face of the profession.

Stay-at-Home-Rainmakers: A Growing Threat to Big Law

By Roy Strom |

A number of cloud-based law firms are increasingly competing with Big Law for both rainmakers and work from Fortune 100 clients.