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'Elite' Law Firms May Be Among Earlier Adopters of Artificial Intelligence Platforms

By Ed Silverstein |

Many clients appear to be moving forward with the Watson technology.

UpCounsel Seeks to Expand Online Marketplace with $10 Million in Funding

By Zach Warren |

The company says it has experienced 20 percent month-over-month in revenue growth and 30 percent month-over-month in lawyer signups so far this year.

Nike and Apple Settle Wearable Class Action Lawsuit

By Chris DiMarco |

Claim contends that the companies partnered on a product that was marketed for tracking physical activity, but did so inaccurately.

CISO Role Undefined in Many Organizations, Survey Says

By Zach Warren |

The ThreatTrack Security whitepaper says that many organizations want cybersecurity experience, but 75 percent of executives say the CISO does not deserve a seat at the table.

Lawsuit Raises Cyberespionage Questions for Ethiopian Government

By Chris DiMarco |

The complaint alleges that the government collected information on an ex-patriot who was involved in a political movement to oust incumbents.

How to Measure the Return on Investment of Strong Information Governance Processes

By Nancy Beauchemin |

In order to be effective, information governance must become part of a firm-wide culture of participation and collaboration.

FisherBroyles Provides Model for Growth of Cloud-Based Law Firms

By Zach Warren |

After adding eight attorneys in the largest lateral move from a traditional law firm to a cloud-based firm, FisherBroyles is looking to upend traditional law firm practices.

A Qualitative Approach to Winning E-Discovery Business in Japan

By David M. Sannar |

There is no magic to winning business in Japan. It’s all about careful listening, honest explanations, and patiently waiting for the right decision.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Officials Reveal Clinton Sent Classified Info Through Her Private Server

By Ed Silverstein |

A recent memo from the Office of Inspector General for the State Department said there is confirmation from FOIA officials that several emails contained classified information.

Banks Show Interest in .BANK Domain

By Ed Silverstein |

Facebook Loses Appeal to Toss Warrants for User Information

By Chris DiMarco |

Ruling allows New York officials to use information accessed from Facebook profiles.

FBI Announces Increased Efforts to Fight Corporate Espionage

By Zach Warren |

FBI efforts will include both a public awareness campaign, as well as increased use of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

Vector illustration of mobile cloud connection technology concept.

Uptime Legal Launches Authorized Partner Program

By Zach Warren |

The UAP program provides legal technologists a platform to transition pre-existing practice management and other on-premise applications to the cloud.

Being Bought: What to Consider When Your Employer is Acquired

By Jared Coseglia |

As more middle-market legal service providers and software companies get absorbed by global consultancies and publically traded companies, many seasoned legal technology professionals will find themselves faced with the uncertainties of working for a much larger, different organization

Senators Introduce Connected Car Cybersecurity Bill

By Chris DiMarco |

Proposed rules would allow the NHTSA to implement security requirements for connected vehicles.

FTC Charges LifeLock With Misleading Customers, Lax Security – Again

By Zach Warren |

The FTC claims that LifeLock has continued to make deceptive claims about its security practices and has failed to notify customers when breaches do occur.

What Should Startups Know About Open Source Software?

By Michael Kurzer and Shannon Zhu |

Attorneys may not consider OSS until deal diligence, but the economics, price, allocation of risk, and whether a deal happens may hinge on OSS considerations.

Moves by Regulators, Congress Could Lead to Higher Data Collection, Review Costs

By Ed Silverstein |

Changes come as the volume of electronic documents is skyrocketing even without any new regulatory requirements.

Business man and business women walk among large screens displaying information. These screens forming a labyrinth.

Considering Data Security from the Discovery Perspective

By Chris DiMarco |

John Mays and Jeff Kerr say that the e-discovery process should not be ignored when evaluating holistic cyberdefenses.

Xact Data Discovery Offering Multi-Tenant Deployment of kCura’s Relativity

By Zach Warren |

The offering allows customers to utilize the same front-end control that comes with a single Relativity employment, but with the benefit of cost savings from a shared employment.

Judge Diane Wood. May 20, 2009. Photo by Diego M. Radzinschi/NATIONAL LAW JOURNAL.

Plaintiffs Win Victory Regarding Neiman Marcus Data Breach

By Ed Silverstein |

The ruling addresses the argument that customers impacted by the data breach are likely to be injured even though they did not experience identity theft or other kinds of fraud.

Mobile Discovery, Confidence in E-Discovery Skills Rising Among Government Professionals

By Zach Warren |

Deloitte’s study of e-discovery in government agencies analyzes the rise of predictive coding, trepidation in discussing e-discovery with opposing counsel, and more.

Legaltech West and the Rising Influence of Legal Operations

By Ari Kaplan |

In a resource-constrained environment where corporate legal teams are searching for better ways to streamline their activities and cut costs, operational efficiency has become the answer for many.

Symantec and Frost Data Capital Partner to Incubate Cybersecurity, IoT Start-ups

By Zach Warren |

The partnership will provide funding, resources, and expertise to 10 start-up companies per year, focusing on cybersecurity analytics, Big Data, and Internet of Things security.

iManage Completes Management-Backed Buyout From HP

By Chris DiMarco |

Software provider will be spun off into an independent company and will refocus its efforts to serve a growing community.

E-Discovery a ‘Stain’ on the Legal System

By Erin E. Harrison |

Logikcull CEO Andy Wilson says it's time to end e-discovery in the form it exists today.

Hack on Hacking Team Raises Concerns

By Ed Silverstein |

Hacking Team may have violated the EU sanctions regime on Sudan and Russia.

Hackers Gain Access to Extramarital Dating Databases

By Chris DiMarco |

Group known as “The Impact Team” has compromised the databases of and is threatening to release details if the site doesn’t shut down.

Google Wins Dismissal of Lawsuit Claiming Privacy Violations

By Zach Warren |

Judge Paul Grewal rules that the plaintiffs could not identify harm directly resulting from Google and may have ‘pled themselves out of a case

Effectively Navigating the Three Phases of Forensic Production of Data

By Peter Garza |

Forensic analysis goes beyond what a document review will uncover.

Privacy concept

UK High Court Rules Data Collection Unlawful—For Now

By Zach Warren |

The judges suspended the law’s disapplication until March 2016 to let government ‘legislate properly,’ and another bill could soon be on its way.

New Workforce Optimization Solution Helps Businesses Stay Compliant

By Juliana Kenny |

IntelliChief’s product targets streamlining business processes and document management.

New Research Sponsored by FTI Consulting Benchmarks E-discovery Challenges

By Chris DiMarco |

Report shows trends in spending, budgeting and information governance that are effecting the e-discovery process in-house.

Coordinated Effort from 20 Countries Targets Darkode Hacking Forum

By Zach Warren |

Twelve Darkode members have been charged with computer fraud conspiracy following an FBI infiltration of the forum.

New Software Automates Legal Dispute Processing

By Juliana Kenny |

Modria has launched new software that allows users to facilitate customer service claims and divorces without the need for an attorney.

Legaltech News Honors Vendors at Innovation Awards

Wrapping up Legaltech West 2015, 26 vendors, lawyers and technologists were recognized at the 2015 Innovation Awards in San Francisco.

Companies Need to Prepare Now as Europe May Soon Release Updated Privacy Reforms

By Ed Silverstein |

The European Commission’s privacy reforms may be put in final form before the end of this year—and could have a far-reaching impact on other nations.

Innovation Awards Honor Technology Leaders, Law Firms

By LTN Staff |

Wrapping up Legaltech West 2015, 26 vendors, lawyers and technologists were recognized at the 2015 Innovation Awards in San Francisco.

Criticism Continues on ICANN Proposal Over Lack of Anonymity

By Ed Silverstein |

Under the plan, website owners who use domains for commercial uses may need to provide a direct contact address when registering web addresses.

Are CIOs the Latest Targets in Litigation After a Cyberbreach?

By Ed Silverstein |

The increasing risk for being named in a lawsuit illustrates the challenges of being a CIO today.

No Normal: A Day in the Life of the Silicon Valley GC

By Chris DiMarco |

Legaltech West panel discusses the diverse array of challenges that the Silicon Valley GC faces.

Six Startups Make Their Pitches at Legaltech West’s Legal Innovation Lightning Round One

By Erin E. Harrison |

The startups, each of which were given exhibit space in the CodeX Pavilion at Legaltech West, demonstrated an eclectic array of products and services.

Trust Me: Exploring E-Discovery Challenges in Government Investigations and Actions

By Zach Warren |

Four in-house counsel discussed e-discovery challenges in government investigations and regulatory actions on Day 2 of Legaltech West Coast.

Legaltech West Panel Discusses Media and Gender Issues in Silicon Valley

By Chris DiMarco |

Ellen Pao may have lost her case against Kleiner Perkins but the case could still have wide ranging cultural implications.

Disrupted: Exploring the Five Forces Changing the Legal Landscape

By Zach Warren |

Futurists and e-discovery experts talk changing legal processes, new e-discovery technologies and more at Legaltech West panel.

Electronic Discovery. Credit: Filograph/

Duane Morris Licenses Relativity E-Discovery Software

By Ed Silverstein |

Relativity lets users create and automate custom workflows, use text analytics—including computer-assisted review—and use integrated processing capabilities.

.Law Domain Soon Available for Lawyers as ALM Becomes Early Adopter

By Ed Silverstein |

Lawyers will soon be able to get “.law” domain names as a way to be distinctive and grow their brand.

Taming TAR: The Future of E-Discovery with Continuous Active Learning

By Zach Warren |

E-discovery experts discussed “continuous active learning” as the key to advancing technologically-assisted review (TAR) capabilities at Legaltech West Coast.

Next Stop: The Future

By Chris DiMarco |

Technology offers law firms incredible possibilities, but making them work takes effort.

It’s a New Age in Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Protection

By Zach Warren |

General counsel and data privacy officers from TiVo, Intel and eHarmony talk Big Data, following cybersecurity laws, and more at Legaltech West keynote.

Cloud computing concept - busnessman hand connecting to the cloud

Do You Know Your BYOCs?

By Phil Favro |

A primer on understanding and addressing “bring your own cloud” challenges, and the two cases that spotlight them.

Legaltech West Day One Keynote: A Holistic Approach is Critical to Data Privacy

By Erin E. Harrison |

'Optimizing Data Privacy and Protection in the Digital Age,' kicks off Legaltech West Coast in San Francisco.

New HP Solutions Target Businesses Leveraging Big Data

By Juliana Kenny |

The new software solutions are designed to help enterprises manage big data and cloud migration and storage

Office of Personnel Management in Washington, D.C.  Credit: Another Believer via Wikimedia Commons.

In Wake of Massive Data Breach, OPM Director Archuleta Steps Down

By Chris DiMarco |

Director’s resignation comes less than a day after details released on massive data breach at the OPM.

New York D.A. Testifies Police, Prosecutors Need Access to Smartphone Data

By Ed Silverstein |

Argues that prosecutors risk losing crucial evidence in many cases if the contents of passcode-protected smartphones were unavailable, even with a warrant.

fitbit Charge

Jawbone Files Third Infringement Complaint Against Fitbit

By Chris DiMarco |

The International Trade Commission complaint is the third filed by Jawbone against Fitbit in 2015 and could be the quickest to see a resolution.

More Than 21 Million Impacted by OPM Data Breach

By Erin E. Harrison |

As many as 21 million federal workers, applicants and their family members were affected by two separate data breaches that hit the Office of Personnel Management last year.

Magna Receives Patent for Jury Confirm Focus Group Product

By Zach Warren |

The product enables litigators to convert traditional mock trials into a web-based experience and allows clients to interact with jurors in real-time.

Business man and business women walk among large screens displaying information. These screens forming a labyrinth.

Guiding Better Information Governance

By Chris DiMarco |

Upcoming Legaltech West panel will explore practical ways to implement a stronger information governance program.

DHS Secretary Sees Great Promise in EINSTEIN 3A

By Ed Silverstein |

'Cyber threats are increasing in their frequency, scale, sophistication, and severity.'

UN Appoints First Special Rapporteur on Right to Privacy

By Ed Silverstein |

As privacy continues to be a global concern, the United Nations Human Rights Council has named Joseph Cannataci the first special rapporteur on the right to privacy.

ICYMI: 4 Survival Tips For Legaltech West Coast

By Anastasiya Levin |

Legaltech West Coast is right around the corner. Check out these ideas for making the most of it.

Vermont Case on Healthcare Database Heading to Supreme Court

By Ed Silverstein |

Liberty Mutual argues that Vermont’s APCD statute, as applied to a self-funded plan, is preempted by ERISA.

Stabilizing the Seismic Shifts of Disruptive Innovations

By Zach Warren |

Sophie Ross of FTI Technology and David Cohen of Reed Smith help preview LegalTech West’s “Disruption: Five Forces Shaping the Legal Landscape” panel.

Technical Glitches Freeze NYSE and United Airlines Operations, Officials Deny Cyberattack

By Chris DiMarco |

United Airlines, NYSE, and the Department of Homeland Security have each stated that the incidents are isolated and have denied external actors are behind them.

State Attorneys General Want to Keep Roles in Data Breaches, ID Theft

'Any additional protections afforded consumers by a federal law must not diminish the important role states already play protecting consumers from data breaches and identity theft.'

Uber headquarters in San Francisco

Uber’s Legal Woes: A Cautionary Tale for Startups

By Juliana Kenny |

The ride-sharing service is facing fresh legal obstacles in France and Mexico

Mitratech Acquires Bridgeway Software

By Erin E. Harrison |

The acquisition doubles Mitratech’s client base and expands ELM services for legal departments and government agencies.

Avvo Ruling Reinforces First Amendment Rights for Anonymous Reviewers

By Chris DiMarco |

Washington appeals court has denied a lawyer who received a negative review on the website access to the identity of the poster.

U.S. Tech Companies Have Legitimate Concerns about New Security Law in China

By Ed Silverstein |

U.S. tech companies may need to share their source code and other privileged information with Chinese partners or others in the nation.

A Normal Day for Silicon Valley GCs? There Isn’t One

By Zach Warren |

In an environment where new threats and opportunities emerge constantly, a “day in the life” may be a misnomer.

Is ‘True’ Cloud a False Dawn?

By Ben Weinberger |

When it comes to enterprise-grade document management systems, does true, false, new, legacy, hosted, really matter to the end users?

FTI Consulting Announces New Director of Telecom, Media and Technology Practice

Nitin Kumar brings 17 years of experience facilitating deals and offering advice in this fast-moving industry.

Notorious Surveillance Company Hacking Team Suffers Attack of its Own

By Zach Warren |

Attackers have published a torrent of 400 GB containing confidential Hacking Team information, including internal documents, source code and personal emails.

Lawyers Increasingly Turn to Big Data Analysis During Litigation, Legal Matters

By Ed Silverstein |

Lawyers need to expect that Big Data analysis will become a part of many of their cases and prepare accordingly.

The Phases of a Data Breach: Detecting an Attack Before the Damage is Done

By Erin E. Harrison |

A new report from security firm Vectra looks at the strategic phases of a cyberattack and what companies can do to shore up their defenses.

How to Improve Your E-Discovery RFPs

By Jon Kerry-Tyerman |

To avoid frustration and waste, consider a new approach to choosing legal tech vendors.

New 'Masque' Malware Permutations Represent Risk for iOS Users

By Chris DiMarco |

Considering the prevalence of the iPhone in the legal industry, practitioners should beware.


The 5 Privacy Stories Making Waves in June

By Zach Warren |

Privacy awareness has only increased in the two years since Edward Snowden’s revelations, with Facebook, NIST, the UK’s government and more in the news for privacy-related issues.

PLI Looks at Cross-Border Employees and International Data

By David Horrigan |

Organizations can avoid legal landmines—including e-discovery and privacy complications—as they move employees around the globe.

Legal Analytics Key to Law Department Profitability

By Erin E. Harrison |

With this in mind, Mitratech recently launched its Certified Legal Analytics Partner Program.

82 Percent of All Am Law 200 Firms are Blogging, Report Says

By Zach Warren |

LexBlog, Inc. has released its 2015 Am Law 200 Blog Benchmark Report, and it found that more firms than ever are turning to blogging.

Austrian Court Rules Facebook Privacy Suit Inadmissible

By Chris DiMarco |

Court rules that the case did not meet the requirements for civil litigation and therefore is outside their jurisdiction.

Millennials Could Do More to Improve Cyber Safety

By Ed Silverstein |

Some 72 percent of millennials revealed in a survey they connected to a public Wi-Fi that did not have a password for security.

BYOD and the Data Revolution Create Big Challenges in E-Discovery

By Chris DiMarco |

The co-mingling of corporate and personal data and poor consistency across devices makes strong BYOD policies a must.

nQueue Releases Major Upgrades for Three Products

By Zach Warren |

The company has released iA Enterprise Platform version 3.0, iA Route version 3.3 and iA Workflow 2.0, which it says will provide substantially improved functionality over previous versions.

Electronic Discovery. Credit: Filograph/

Ipro Runs Half-Off Summer Sale for Eclipse SE Software

By Zach Warren |

The desktop software Eclipse SE may not be the cloud-based solution pervasive in the marketplace, but it provides modern document review tools all the same.

Cisco Acquires Cybersecurity Company OpenDNS for $635 million

By Chris DiMarco |

Acquisition will allow Cisco to embed stronger security protocols into its existing products.

Largest Federal Employees Union Sues OPM Over Data Breach

By Zach Warren |

The American Federation of Government Employees claimed that OPM has been on notice about its cybersecurity deficiencies since 2007, yet took no corrective action to sure up its defenses.

OPM Shuts Down System as Precaution

By Ed Silverstein |

The Office of Personnel Management has shut down—at least for now— a system that is associated with a massive data breach.

Federal Communications Commission.

FCC Chairman Hints at New Rules for Consumer Privacy, Internet Video

By Chris DiMarco |

Chairman Wheeler’s remarks at the Brookings Institution indicate that the FCC’s reclassification of the Internet as a utility was only the beginning.

The 4 Biggest Cybersecurity Stories from June

By Zach Warren |

From a data breach at the Office of Personnel Management to Uber’s new privacy policy, these four stories have cybersecurity experts talking.

Net Neutrality Debate Heats Up in Europe

By Ed Silverstein |

EU proposals could lead to United States’ “dominance" when it comes to online services.

Laying the Foundation: An Information Governance Framework

By Erin E. Harrison |

Effective information governance involves multiple functions within an organization and requires a top-down, overarching structure that allows for decisions consistent with a group's mission, vision and strategy

For Small Law Firms, SEO Goes a Long Way

By Erin Harrison |

The Internet is a ‘great equalizer’ for small firms to compete.

Inventus Acquires Kooby, Bolsters Software Development Capabilities

By Zach Warren |

Inventus officials cite Kooby’s Advanced Management Platform as a key reason for the purchase.

Are 'Private' Communications Really Privileged?

By David E. Fink and Richard DeLossa |

It’s more difficult than ever to determine what falls beneath the veil of privileged communication.

The Internet of Things and Legal Risks

By Chris DiMarco |

Legaltech West 2015 panel will discuss the growing prominence of wearables, the Internet of Things and how they're likely to affect the practice of law.

Reed Smith COO Explains the Firm's Delineation Between CIO, CKO Roles

By Chris DiMarco |

Reed Smith has recently hired two industry veterans to key positions: Steven Agnoli as Chief Information Officer, and Lucy Dillon at Chief Knowledge Officer.