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Inside In-House Counsel's Evolving Cybersecurity Role

By Ricci Dipshan |

Legal technology expert Ari Kaplan explains corporate attorneys' expanding responsibilities as corporate cybersecurity priorities shift.

Federal Communications Commission.

The Future of the FCC and Internet Law in a Trump Presidency

By Samar Ali, Bass, Berry & Sims |

President Trump is already being pressured to reverse President Obama’s Open Internet Order (also known as “net neutrality”) and take an aggressive stance against it.

Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher offices in Washington, D.C. June 23, 2014. Photo by Diego M. Radzinschi/THE NATIONAL LAW JOURNAL.

Did the FRCP Stabilize E-Discovery in 2016? Gibson Dunn's Annual Report Thinks So

By Ian Lopez |

Gibson Dunn's 2016 Year-End E-Discovery Update suggests a stable e-discovery climate, defined by uniformity in preservation and proportionality and increased vendor consolidation.

Michelle Lee, United States Patent Trade Office

Tech Industry Lauds Report That Lee to Stay With USPTO

By Scott Graham |

The USPTO has not confirmed The Hill's report, but Lee said last month that she was open to staying on.

Is Hybrid Cloud Storage the Answer for Your Storage?

By Charles Koo, Innovative Computing Systems |

Understanding these ins and outs of hybrid storage could help your law firm or legal department with its storage decisions.

Can Cloud Technology Mitigate Some 'Shadow IT' Risks Facing Legal?

By Ricci Dipshan |

What the trend towards using unauthorized accounts on secure and enterprise-approved cloud services means for legal's cybersecurity blind spot.

Alan Dershowitz.

Tempers Fray as Dershowitz Argues Forced Sale of TransPerfect is Unconstitutional Taking

By Tom McParland |

The translation and discovery technology company, used heavily in legal, is at the center of a dispute between former co-founders Liz Elting and Phil Shawe.

Donald Trump.

The Presidential Cybersecurity Handoff

By Justin Hectus, Keesal, Young & Logan |

An analysis of the current federal cyber landscape may yield insights into how the next administration might prioritize their approach on this important front.

UC Irvine School of Law dean Erwin Chemerinsky

Chemerinsky on the ‘Astounding Time’ in Supreme Court History, its Stance on Technology

By Zach Warren |

Erwin Chemerinsky, dean of the University of California, Irvine School of Law, will be the January 31 keynote speaker at the Legaltech portion of Legalweek the Experience.

Inside the Federal Government's Latest Guidance on IoT Security

By Hanley Chew, Fenwick & West |

Companies need to be mindful of November guidance from DHS and NIST.

Making Globalization Work for the Boutique Firm: Globality’s Online Marketplace

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Using machine learning, the online platform connects global corporate matters to boutique law firms.

A Legal Road Map for a Heightened Regulatory World: Legalweek Sneak Peek

By Ricci Dipshan |

A Legalweek plenary session aims to prepare law firms and corporate counsel to address an increase of regulatory compliance and legal needs in the months and years ahead.

Cloudflare's In-House Lawyers Open Up About Privacy Fight With FBI

By Stephanie Forshee |

It was revealed last week that Cloudflare is a plaintiff in a "secret court battle" over non-compliance with a federal government national security letter.

IRS Probe of Bitcoin Accounts Sparks Legal Showdown

By Ross Todd |

The Coinbase case could be "the first major tax case for the industry."

If the Shoe Fits: Leveraging E-Discovery Expertise for DPO Responsibilities and GDPR Compliance

By Ryan Costello, eTERA Consulting |

The EU's additional guidance around the data protection officer has generated significant buzz.

The FRCP, From the Perspective of Judges, Defense & Plaintiff: Legalweek Sneak Peek

By Ian Lopez |

At Legalweek, Shook Hardy & Bacon’s Patrick Oot will moderate a session on the impact of the 2015 FRCP amendments from three perspectives.

3 Legal Challenges In-House Counsel Face with 3-D Printing

By Ricci Dipshan |

As 3-D printing becomes more widespread, in-house counsel will be tasked with complex IP and liability challenges.

Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher logo, in New York..08-04-2016

Gibson Dunn Hires Four-Lawyer A&O Technology Team in Paris

By Anna Ward |

The firm says global clients are "increasingly turning to us for advice on data privacy, cybersecurity, digital transformation and outsourcing matters."

What Lawyers Can Learn from Uber, Redux

By Dan Lear, Avvo |

Just like a driver who doesn’t know exactly where he’s taking his riders, a lawyer who isn’t totally sure what a client wants is likely to end up with a disgruntled client.

Federal Trade Commission Commissioner Maureen Ohlhausen. June 12, 2014. Photo by Diego M. Radzinschi/THE NATIONAL LAW JOURNAL.

What to Expect in FTC Privacy Enforcement During the Trump Administration

By Janis C. Kestenbaum, Perkins Coie |

A look at how a Republican majority may impact the focus of the FTC.

Evolve Law Launches In-House Counsel Technology Fellowship

By Ricci Dipshan |

The four-month Evolve Law Tech Fellowship program will focus on educating in-house counsel around implementing document automation in their legal workflows.

Don't Kill Humans: European Parliament Calls for Laws Governing Artificial Intelligence

By Chris Johnson |

The report suggests that artificial intelligence should be broadly designed in accordance with The Three Laws of Robotics.

Lisa Monaco.

Lessons from the Trenches: Homeland Security Advisor Lisa Monaco on Cybersecurity in National Security

By Ian Lopez |

Morrison & Foerster’s John Carlin chats with the U.S. Homeland Security Advisor about cybersecurity’s importance in the national dialogue.

E-Discovery in Action: How VW's In-House Lawyers Screwed Up a Litigation Hold

By Sue Reisinger |

Statements say VW in-house attorneys tipped off employees about an oncoming litigation hold related to the company's emissions scandal.


Hackers, Data Leaks, Encryption and Hidden Data Can Wreak E-Discovery Havoc

By Adam Feinberg, BIA |

As we enter 2017, here's how changes in cybersecurity may affect your e-discovery plans moving forward.

Catalyst Looks for E-Discovery Insight for Corporate Counsel with New Platform

By Ricci Dipshan |

Catalyst’s Insight Enterprise joins the movement to streamline e-discovery processes for corporate counsel.

Data Breach.

How a Massachusetts Decision to Publish Data Breach Info Will Affect Big Law

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

The Massachusetts decision spells out new challenges for lawyers working with breached companies.

Is Your Data Breach Response Plan Good Enough? Stress Test It

By Eric Hodge and Rich Bloomberg, IDT911, Cybersecurity Law & Strategy |

As the chances of a data breach incident increase, savvy businesses have invested time and thought in a response plan. But plans never survive first contact with the enemy.

With New Law Shielding Negative Reviews, It's Time to Update Terms of Use

By Jennifer Williams-Alvarez |

The Consumer Review Fairness Act voids provisions in form contracts that prohibit or restrict a consumer's ability to leave a negative review.

Nicole Black, MyCase

Nicole Black: From the Defender's Office to Legal Technology Evangelist

By Monica Bay |

Black is among the leaders in educating lawyers about technology’s role in modern law.

Amazon Echo.

Search Warrants for IoT Data Spur Legal, Privacy Complications

By Ricci Dipshan |

Law enforcement attempts to access Amazon Echo raise questions over the viability of IoT data in investigations and the vulnerability of private information.

Chrissie Lightfoot, president of EntrepreneurLawyer, and co-founder of LISA.

Attorney-Designed LISA Prepares NDAs for Small Businesses

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

The attorneys behind LISA hope to bring the “Legal Intelligence Support Assistant” to consumers directly.

John Carlin, Assistant Attorney General of the U.S. Department of Justice National Security Division, during the American Bar Association’s 24th Annual Review of the Field of National Security Law Conference in Washington. The topic: “Executive Branch Updates on Developments in National Security Law.” November 6, 2014. Photo by Diego M. Radzinschi/THE NATIONAL LAW JOURNAL.

Ex-DOJ National Security Leader Starts New Practice at MoFo

By Meghan Tribe |

Longtime federal government lawyer John Carlin will chair the firm’s new global risk and crisis management practice.

Lagging Is Not an Option: Using Technology to Maximize Law Department Value

By Danish Butt, Morae Legal |

Management strategies implemented before, during and after implementation can maximize user adoption and ROI.

Lessons for Legal: Inside the Cybertheft Faced by Two Large Firms

By Ricci Dipshan |

Picking apart the recent cybertheft faced by two U.S. firms working on M&A offers lessons on how legal can avoid similar breaches in the future.

LTPI Releases 'Practical' Resources on Data Governance and Meet-and-Confers

By Zach Warren |

The Discovery Data Governance Model and meet-and-confer checklist aim to “level the playing field” between technology-proficient lawyers and others.

Justices Ground Startup Flytenow, the 'Uber of the Sky'

By Marcia Coyle |

Flytenow argued that pilots using Flytenow’s online platform are not “common carriers” who must satisfy more stringent aviation rules.

data collection

New Commercial Arbitration Database Offers Analytics for Arbitration Attorneys

By Monika Gonzalez Mesa |

A South Carolina startup, Dispute Resolution Data, has signed agreements to collect information from some 20 arbitration institutions.

Finding Middle Ground: Why Law Firms and E-Discovery Vendors Should Work Together

By Anne McCray and Cristin Traylor, McGuireWoods |

Law firms and e-discovery vendors provide different options, but clients are best served when they work together.

3 Startups Helping You Manage Your Legal Calendar

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Doxbi, ModernLaw and CaseFleet all aim to simplify scheduling for law firm attorneys.

Looking to Start or Further Your E-discovery Education? 3 Ways to Get There

By Ricci Dipshan |

From law schools to nonprofits and legal communities, those looking to establish or grow e-discovery skills have a variety of resources.

Josias N.

Joe Dewey: Real Estate Lawyer Who Codes on the Side

By Carla Vianna |

Dewey's application creates a checklist of all the post-closing items pending for a particular deal.

Andrew M. Cuomo

New York Governor Cuomo Promises New Cybersecurity Measures in 2017

By Joel Stashenko |

Among the measures is forming a "response team" when confidential information from state and local governments is breached.

Recent Phishing Attacks Against Attorneys Highlight Legal’s Ongoing Susceptibility

By Ricci Dipshan |

Attorneys in several U.S. states received ransomware-carrying emails alleging legal action from “The Office of the State Attorney.”

Cyber Becomes Mainstream: The Lessons Learned for 2017

By Andrew Serwin, Morrison & Foerster |

These three lessons impact our daily lives as professionals, as well as citizens.

Machine Learning of Tomorrow: 4 Emerging Legal Tech Arenas for AI

By Ian Lopez |

Sure you know AI, but do you know where it applies in, say, patents? Here’s where AI will continue to push legal technology this year.

Headnote: Aiming for a Lightweight Approach to the Headache of E-Billing

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

E-billing can be troublesome, but this startup aims to strip down the e-billing process to its core functions.

Dave Leonard, left, and Susan Wortzman, right.

Top Canadian Firm Scoops Up E-Discovery Shop

By Meghan Tribe |

Managing Litigation and Benchmarking Through Big Data

By Scott Forman, Littler Mendelson |

Garnering the data to compare a legal department's efforts with others isn't easy, but it's becoming necessary.

The Patent Implications of Using AI in the Global Marketplace

By Jason Lohr, Hogan Lovells |

International usage can lead to problems through data collection, disclosure and more.

Smart Contracts 101 for the Non-Techie Lawyer

By Ricci Dipshan |

A look at what makes smart contracts tick, and what new roles and skills they will demand of attorneys.

Big Data Gets Bigger: 5 Ways to Employ Legal Analytics

By Ian Lopez |

Technology advances in both law and the wider world will mean greater reliance on analytics in legal technology.

Ashley Madison website.

Ashley Madison Data Breach Claims Should Be Arbitrated, Company Says

By Amanda Bronstad |

The plaintiffs counter Avid’s “shoddy record-keeping practices” made it difficult to know whether the plaintiffs signed arbitration agreements.

New FTC Contest Confronts 'Internet of Things' Security

By Marcia Coyle |

The agency has announced the latest in a series of cash-reward contests for solutions to protect personal data.

Inside the “Dynamic Contract”: Clause’s Step Toward Computable Contracts

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Machine language contracts are still a dream of the future, but they could be getting closer to a reality.

Pokemon Go.

Pokemon, Go? Augmented Reality Technology Faces Legal Reckonings in 2017

By Ricci Dipshan |

Clarity on Pokémon Go’s pending legal and privacy challenges, as well as underlying intellectual property concerns, will define augmented reality’s trajectory in the near future.

In-House Counsel: It's Time to Connect With 3D Printing

By Andrew Tsai, Mars Inc. and Chinh H. Pham, Greenberg Traurig |

A look some of the notable opportunities and risks that in-house counsel need to be aware of.

Apple Gets Temporary Victory With Touchscreen Patent

By Scott Graham |

The court said the patent office failed to sufficiently explain why Apple’s method for reconfiguring touchscreen icons is unpatentable due to obviousness.

LegalBoard, Pro-Boards, LLC’s new keyboard for lawyers.

Lawyers Take Note: Don’t Sleep On Legal Tech Hardware

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

A keyboard for lawyers, by a Perkins Coie lawyer, signals a new push for hardware, not just software, in legal technology.

Electronic Discovery & Cybersecurity Careers: Top 10 Predictions for 2017

By Jared Coseglia, TRU Staffing Partners |

An examination of the effect of consolidation on jobs, cloud considerations and more.

Xerox Legal, Business Services Completes Break Off to Form Conduent

By Ian Lopez |

Conduent’s legal services arm will focus on compliance, legal support, e-discovery and nascent technologies like machine learning.

3 Cybersecurity Developments In-House Counsel Should Be Aware of in 2017

By Ricci Dipshan |

From cyberespionage and the FTC’s expanded cybersecurity role to New York State’s new corporate cyber regulations, 2017 may be a busy year for in-house counsel.

Data Breaches, Augmented Reality Among Top California Cases to Watch in 2017

By Ben Hancock and Ross Todd |

The Yahoo and Pokemon Go cases could have far-reaching implications for tech companies.

Beyond the Hype of Virtual Reality for the Courtroom

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

2016 saw great advances made in VR tech, but attorneys still have a long way to go before VR courtrooms hit the mainstream.

Design patent blue prints

Ringing in the New Year: The Evolution of Design Patents in 2017

By Andrew Rapacke, The Rapacke Law Group |

A look at what the Trump administration, USPTO updates and more mean for the future of design patents.

data collection

5 Cases Where Data Analytics Reduce Costs and Risks for Regional and Boutique Firms

By Douglas E. Johnston Jr., Five Management LLC/The Claro Group |

Analytics can streamline forensic accounting and litigation support activities, reducing risks and costs.

4 Ways Technology Is Changing Contracts

By Gabrielle Orum Hernandez |

Automation and machine language are driving changes to traditional contract work.

Facebook Post Dashes Woman's Med Mal Suit

By Max Mitchell |

Judge Jacqueline O. Shogan cited two Facebook posts that undercut the plaintiff's statute of limitations argument.

Nissan autonomous car prototype (using a Nissan Leaf electric car) exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show 2014.

With Laws for Autonomous Cars, It's Pedal to the Metal

By Amanda Bronstad |

Next year could see a push for greater consistency in federal regulatory action.

Know-Now: The Next Era of E-Discovery is Already Here

By Bill Piwonka, CMO, Exterro |

A look at the evolution of abilities and expectations of e-discovery from the beginning of the century to the present.

cybersecurity, digital

New York Delays Implementation of Cybersecurity Mandate by Two Months

By Joel Stashenko |

Implementation of a new regulation requiring financial services companies to establish broad safeguards against cyberattack is being pushed back two months until March 1 after banks and insurers complained that it was impossible.

U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

LabMD Presses Challenge to Scope of FTC's Cyber Authority

By C. Ryan Barber, The National Law Journal |

3 Types of Legal Tech Startups Undercutting the Billable Hour

By Gabrielle Orum Hernandez |

As strong as the billable hour seems to be in legal services, these startups may continue chipping away at the model's dominance in the legal world.

Working In-House? Guess What--You're an IT Person, Too, Now

By Sue Reisinger, Corporate Counsel |

New York Delays Implementation of Cybersecurity Mandate by Two Months

By Joel Stashenko, New York Law Journal |

5 Cybersecurity Challenges for Enterprises in 2017

By Liisa Thomas, Winston and Strawn |

Winston and Strawn partner Liisa Thomas lays out a roadmap on challenges to face companies in the coming year.

Is E-Discovery Going Back to the Future in 2017?

By David Horrigan, kCura |

Five things we expect to see in e-discovery in 2017 and two things we won't.

Ask the Legal Tech Marketer: Preparing for a Successful New Year

By LTN Staff |

Three industry insiders provide tips for setting direction in the year ahead.

Preet Bharara

Chinese Nationals Charged With Hacking Firms to Steal M&A Info

By Mark Hamblett, The Am Law Daily |
cybersecurity, digital

Guidelines for Cybersecurity Will Impact Banks, Insurers

By David Katz and Bess Hinson, Daily Report |

No Time to Waste: U.S. Companies Will Face European, Homegrown Privacy and Security Challenges in 2017

By Donald G. Aplin, Bloomberg Law |

A look at the GDPR “tidal wave,” FTC authority clarification and more security and privacy challenges to watch for next year.

Dentons office in Washington, D.C.

9 Startups Backed By NextLaw Labs in 2016

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Global law firm Dentons’ innovation arm is helping to launch a variety of new tech solutions in an effort to help mitigate legal pain points.

Judge Richard Kramer's courtroom is one of the first to use a new high tech display device that combines many multi-media functions into one.

The Electronic Courtroom Developments of 2016

By Ricci Dipshan |

As courtroom technology finds a foothold in legal systems around the world, its prominence will likely increase in 2017.

Vector illustration of big idea business innovation rocket.

Legaltech Shifts to Watch for in 2017

By Larry W. Bridgesmith and Caitlin Moon, LegalAlignment |

A look at four technology forces set to change the dynamics and define the future of the legal market.

3 Ways Legal Tech Companies Have Leveraged Collaboration in 2016

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Interconnected networks, cloud capabilities and new data streams have all attracted partnership potential this year.

Enterprise GDPR Compliance to Take Center Stage in 2017

By Ricci Dipshan |

As companies' huge tranches of unknown and redundant data face a GDPR reckoning, legal tech providers step up their compliance offerings.

Breach of Trust: Can a Harm Precede a Hack?

By Steve Kovalan |

More than 75% of law firms said they are comfortable with their firms’ ability to withstand a breach, but this confidence could be misplaced.

Computer Hacking

Is 2017 the Year a Leak Sinks Your Firm?

By Dan Bressler, Intapp |

A look into the future for the lessons learned from the “hack” of one major firm.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Last-Minute Shoppers: Top 10 Gadgets for Your Lawyer

By Alan Cohen |

The year's best devices and accessories for your loved ones—or you.

3 Musings in the Minds of Legal Tech Leaders: December 2016

By Zach Warren |

Legal technology leaders speak on the personnel links between e-discovery and cybersecurity and more in this month's Tech Digest.

2017: The Year of Proportionality

By Michele C.S. Lange, Kroll Ontrack |

In 2017, the expectation will be even higher for counsel to have adopted and be proficient with FRCP rules.

Mikhail Avady, left, and Yuri L. Eliezer, right.

Atlanta Techtrepreneurs: Clientside & SmartUp

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Atlanta's Tech Village "villagers" push automation to the Southeast legal community.

Frank Maas, JAMS mediator and arbitrator.

E-Discovery in Review 2016: US Magistrate Judge Maas Looks Back at FRCP Amendments

By By Ricci Dipshan |

As he joins commercial dispute resolution services provider JAMS, Judge Maas reflects on how the amendments have been used and misused by litigators and judgers alike.

The Math Behind AI, as Explained to Lawyers

By Rees Morrison, Altman Weil |

The more you understand AI software, the better you can appraise its benefits.

GCs Are Questioning Their Outside Counsel About Cybersecurity

By Jennifer Williams-Alvarez |

The Johnson & Bell suit is a good reminder of the importance of questioning outside firms about their cybersecurity efforts.

Cloud computing.

6 Often-Overlooked Cloud Security Considerations

By William Kellermann, Hanson Bridgett |

A look at some less obvious but important considerations related to cloud security and why they are often overlooked.

Rockwell Automation Snags GC From Harley-Davidson

By Kristen Rasmussen, Corporate Counsel |

A top lawyer at Harley-Davidson Inc. is leaving the motorcycle manufacturer to lead the legal department of Rockwell Automation Inc.

5 Legal Tech Startup Areas to Watch in 2017

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

As 2016 closes out, here are some areas that seem ripe for growth in the coming year


The 7 Most Surprising Challenges of Multilingual Keyword Searches

By Ben Rusch, Consilio |

If you do not want to miss critical documents during internal investigations, it is important to get the multilingual keyword searches right.

Drone-Jacking and Other Threats: Cyber Veteran Alan Wernick on 2017's Security Landscape

By Ricci Dipshan |

While Wernick sees a more-complicated landscape for cybersecurity and drone issues, he also cites opportunities for developing technology and collaborating against cyberthreats.


Atlanta’s Emerging Legal Tech Scene: UnitedLex’s Down-South Data Center

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

In this series, reporter Gabrielle Hernandez catches us up on developments on the latest legal technology hub.

3 Technologies Set to Modernize Corporate Legal Departments in 2017

By Ricci Dipshan |

Don't know exactly what artificial intelligence, blockchain and compliance technology are? That's OK, here's a quick explainer to show how they could help.

Google Settles Privacy Suit Over Gmail Scanning

By Ross Todd |

The company agreed to implement changes to its email processing practices to settle claims on behalf of non-Gmail subscribers.

Ashley Madison website.

In Ashley Madison Data-Breach Settlement, FTC Asserts Role as Cyber Cop

By C. Ryan Barber and Mark Hamblett |, a website built to help cheating lovers meet their match, has agreed to settle claims that lax cybersecurity was responsible for a data breach that exposed the personal information of millions of customers last year.

Credit: razerbird/

TCCWNA Class Claims and the Continuing Question of Article III Standing

By By Deborah Renner, Baker & Hostetler, and Kimberly Kalmanson, Kalmanson Law Office |

Does the TCCWNA statute have teeth in a post-'Spokeo' world in which injury is required for Article III standing? A look at recent cases.

Snapchat Spectacles: The Eye-Popping E-Discovery Implications of Wearable Tech

By Ryan Costello, eTERA Consulting |

As experts speculate how data or metadata associated with these devices will arise in litigation, it's worthwhile to start preparing now for their use.

William Butterfield, Hausfeld

William Butterfield, 63, Was Renowned E-Discovery Attorney and Educator

By Zach Warren |

Butterfield was a frequent author and speaker on e-discovery, contributing to the Sedona Conference and law school educational initiatives.

Blockchain 101 for the Non-Techie Lawyer

By Ricci Dipshan |

Pick apart the once obscure technology and you’ll find an innovation that stands to disrupt law as we know it.

The Human Factor in Information Security

By Michael Kemps, Innovative Computing Systems, and Kimberly Pease, Citadel Information Group |

In the world of cybercrime, everyone — from individuals to nation-states — is a target. However, some targets are more alluring than others.

Donald Trump.

Who Will Head the PTO Under Trump?

By Scott Graham |

Given Trump's chilly relationship with the tech world, the answer could come from outside the industry.

data integration database connect media files chart symbol analysis vector

Review: Processing Nuix's Data Processing Possibilities

By Brett Burney, Burney Consultants |

Nuix's forte is data processing, which can provide early insight into a variety of documents.

Facing a Data Breach Suit Without the Data Breach? ‘Scary.’

By Roy Strom |

It may be a long wait until a court answers the question of whether an easy target for a hacker is also a sitting duck for a plaintiffs firm.

Innovators to Empower Legal Tech Users in 2017

By Jeff Kerr, CaseFleet |

Next year’s legal tech innovations will focus largely on empowering firms and other users to more easily access technology.

Ralph Losey of Jackson Lewis.

People in Motion: Jackson Lewis’ Ralph Losey on Bringing E-Discovery to Everyone

By Ian Lopez |

The author of a new how-to guide on e-discovery says to be effective, legal education needs to be “interesting” and “maybe even a little fun.”

Intelligent Contracts—Is This the Way Forward for Enterprises?

By Kevin Gidney, Seal Software |

Blockchains can be used for more than just bitcoin, but limitations on smart contracts mean they may not deliver all that is promised.

5 Ways E-Discovery Will Change in 2017

By Adi Elliott, Epiq |

These trends will reshape e-discovery conversations in the coming year, including mainstream e-discovery, cross-border compliance and more.

Are UK Counsel Ready to Make the Predictive Coding Leap?

By Tess Blair and Afzalah Sarwar, Morgan Lewis |

Lawyers should learn to move with the times, and that includes following the English High Court and looking into the technology.

FRCP Amendments Dominate 2016 Federal E-Discovery Cases, Report Finds

By Ricci Dipshan |

A Kroll Ontrack report highlights how many 2016 opinions sought to better educate attorneys on proportionality, and fine-tune ESI preservation processes.

Josh Becker of LexMachina.

LexisNexis Enters Startup Accelerator Scene

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

The legal research giant is looking to support legal technology innovation with access to its data sets and mentors.

The Current State of Predictive Coding in the Courts

By Giyoung Song, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom |

Predictive coding decisions to date have focused on party disagreements and keywords.

Google UK and Ireland Legal Head Leaves for GC Role at Tech Startup

By Anna Ward |

Onfido, which provides digital identity verification services to clients including Uber, JustGiving and LendInvest, was founded in 2012.


Chicago's Johnson & Bell First US Firm Publicly Named in Data Security Class Action

By Roy Strom |

The Johnson & Bell suit, originally filed in April, is unlikely to be the last from class action lawyer Jay Edelson.

The Practical Global Corporate Data Approaches to the EU-US Privacy Shield

By Dan Panitz, DTI and H. Bruce Gordon, Teva Pharmaceuticals |

Corporate business processes that satisfy regulators and complainants under Privacy Shield can be delivered by corporations in a cost and process effective way.

iStockphoto/Federico Caputo

Is AI Placing Legal at the Forefront of Industries?

By Ian Lopez |

From e-discovery to compliance, nascent machine learning technology may be restructuring the expectations of the modern lawyer.

Legal Tech Eyes Automation to Ease EU Data Compliance Challenges

By Ricci Dipshan |

Legal technology providers are leveraging automation to help global organizations bring their data storage and organization processes in line with Privacy Shield and GDPR regulations.

Barclays Puts Emphasis on Legal Innovation with New Six Firm Panel

By Anna Ward |

Barclays is already working on various projects tied to the pilot, including several apps, and would encourage the hiring of project managers.

Cybersecurity - Melodia

10 Tips for Planning, Leading and Learning From a Cybersecurity Tabletop Exercise

By Marcus Christian, Jeffrey Taft and Joshua Silverstein, Mayer Brown |

Tabletops take the team members, put them in a room and ask them to work through the implementation of their response plan.

Smarsh’s MobileGuard Acquisition Underscores Importance of Mobile Discovery

By Gabrielle Orum Hernandez |

Multiple technologies have become part of our daily communications. E-discovery vendors are tapping more data streams to keep up.

Corporate Lawyers at Risk as Cyberattacks Target IP, 'Legal Data'

By Ricci Dipshan |

A SANS Institute Survey found cybercriminals are increasingly shifting their focus toward attorney-managed enterprise data.

McAfee and Hostin Announced as Keynote Speakers at ‘Legalweek, The Experience’

By Zach Warren |

Futurist Andrew McAfee and ABC journalist Sunny Hostin will help kick off the expanded event that includes Legaltech New York 2017.

Not Just Pricing: The Power of Monitoring for Recovering Lost Revenue

By Tom Baldwin, Fireman & Co. |

Pricing groups can be a good starting point for law firms to recover lost revenue, but project monitoring with technology is the necessary next step.

Annika K. Martin, Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein partner

Women of Legal Tech: Annika K. Martin, From Journalism to Law

By Monica Bay |

Curiosity helps her determine how and why an incident happens and how to resolve it.


Attorneys Grapple With Future of 'Spymail' Use Following Alaska Opinion

By Ricci Dipshan |

The Alaska Bar Association's opinion on attorney email-tracking has spurred a conversation on what role such technology should play in legal.

Diversity in the workplace illustation.

What Will Fix Legal's Diversity Problem? Analytics May Be the Start

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Wal-Mart and Goodwin Procter leaders are using diversity metrics to force legal organizations to push for more diverse workplaces.

concept of leaky software, data with a tap sticking out.

3 Key Cybersecurity Concerns for Department Operations Staff

By Brad Blickstein |

More than three-quarters of law departments are responsible for or meaningfully influence their companies' cybersecurity. Here's what to watch for.

Is Analytics 'The Future of E-Discovery?' A Look at the BDO/Brainspace Partnership

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

For e-discovery project managers, the key to leveraging analytics is actually understanding the data.

Artificial Intelligence: Helping Lawyers More Than You Know

By Benjamin Whetsell, Paper Software |

Here are four ways AI is already helping you be efficient in your everyday activities.

Financial Counsel Prepare for Blockchain Heading Into 2017

By Ricci Dipshan |

As the financial industry speeds toward a blockchain future, industry attorneys are positioning themselves to handle new legal and operational challenges.

Neota v. Seal v. ROSS: Cases From an Artificial Intelligence 'Shark Tank' Session

By Ian Lopez |

A recent Cowen Group session gave the floor for legal technology companies to reach out to law firm, in-house and service provider leaders.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

Apple Loses to Samsung in Supreme Court Design Patent Case

By Tony Mauro |

The nine-page decision puts to an end for now the $399 million awarded to Apple for Samsung’s design infringement.

Data Privacy Laws and Blocking Statutes: Practical Strategies for Counsel

By Ashish Prasad and Patrick Oot |

Data privacy laws and blocking statutes can seriously impact investigations and litigation that reach outside of U.S. borders.

The Social Media Authentication Battle Rages in Third Circuit and Elsewhere

By Douglas Leney and Daniel Farino |

The Third Circuit recently breathed new life into the social media debate between the Maryland and Texas approaches.

Counterpoint: Why Law Firms Are Not the Preferred One-Stop E-Discovery Shop for Clients

By Dan Meyers, TransPerfect Legal Solutions |

Centralization of e-discovery? Sounds good. But external vendors are actually the preferred option for centralization, one expert argues.

Privacy and Data Security Top List of Questions for Legal Experts About Drones

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Uncertainty continues for legal experts and policymakers around issues of privacy and data security raised by the influx of drones circling the skies.

3 Paths to Tackling the User Interface Evolution

By Ricci Dipshan |

From profiles to data visualization, legal tech user interfaces are catching up to modern expectations.

Close up of young businessman searching or spying on the mobile phone

The Argument for Metadata as a Matter of Procedural Due Process

By Matthew S. Adams, Fox Rothschild |

A provision for metadata in discovery provides fundamental fairness in modern criminal and quasi-criminal proceedings, Fox Rothschild's Matthew Adams argues.

4 Things You Need to Know about Federal Anti-Hacking Statutes in Employment Disputes

By Mark Moore, Reavis Parent Lehrer |

As several recent cases demonstrate, companies and employers both need to weigh their decisions about their electronic communications.

Unexpectedly Arrested in NYC? Local Startup May Have the Number to Call

By Ricci Dipshan |

Launched in the Bronx, startup Good Call aims to be an emergency contact and attorney-access resource for arrested New Yorkers.

The 11 Legal Tech Startups Currently Backed by Y Combinator

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

The Silicon Valley startup giant has focused most of its investments in legal technology in alternatives to traditional legal services.

Feds Announce Effort to Target 'Avalanche' Global Cybercrime Ring

By P.J. D'Annunzio |

Avalanche's server hosts "more than two dozen of the world's most pernicious types of malware and several money laundering campaigns."

When Should You Pull the Trigger on Hiring E-Discovery Contractors?

By Jared Coseglia, TRU Staffing Partners |

The final part of this "Contract Staffing Revolution" series examines how the adoption of the cloud will affect contract talent.

Most Firms Feel Assured in Cybersecurity Abilities, but is That False Confidence?

By Ricci Dipshan |

An ALM Intelligence survey finds law firms are coming up short in implementing and testing incident response plans and vendor security protections.

Business Demands Overshadow Cybersecurity Needs at Law Firms, Survey Finds

By Ricci Dipshan |

As firms focus on meeting efficiency demands, experts advise looking at cybersecurity as a business risk.

Julia Jacobson, partner with K&L Gates.......

Standing on the Intersection of Advertising and Data Privacy

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

New K&L Gates partner Julia Jacobson explores how businesses can best ensure that consumers are aware of their data privacy policies.

cybersecurity, digital

Financial Industry Groups Slam NY's Proposed Cybersecurity Rules

By Joel Stashenko |

National groups say the plan “appears to impose inflexible, one-size fits all requirements.”


Intent to Deprive and Inherent Authority: The Revised Rule 37(e) One Year Later

By Bob Rohlf, Exterro |

Do the most recent decisions demonstrate that the Rules Committee achieved its goals? The results are mixed.

Dan Nottke, CIO, Kirkland & Ellis

Lining Up the (Not So) Free Kick: How Do Law Firms Determine Tech Budgets?

By Zach Warren |

Although technology budgets may be fluctuating, law firm CIOs agree that purchasing strategy needs to be linked to the firm's overall game plan.

Eric Felsberg.

Analytics in the Workplace: A Q&A with Jackson Lewis on Employment Law Data Science

By Ian Lopez |

Eric Felsberg, leader of the firm’s recently established analytics group, chats about how analytics can work for employers.

Dentons Washington, D.C. offices.  November 12, 2014.  Photo by Diego M. Radzinschi/THE NATIONAL LAW JOURNAL.

Dentons to Launch Free Web-based Public Affairs Network in 2017

By Ricci Dipshan |

Though not created with the 2016 election in mind, the network will aid clients in influencing the new administration’s technology and policy initiatives.

Interoperability: Like in Medicine, It's Jet Fuel for Legal Tech

By Larry Bridgesmith, LegalAlignment |

While legal professionals can economically benefit from technology that doesn't connect, clients suffer.

Will the Future of Real Estate Include eClosings?

By Rachel D. Jaffe, OneTitle National Guaranty Company |

For now, creating an electronic mortgage loan is typically a hybrid process, but what are the barriers to making the process entirely paperless?

Tablet Talk: A Touch of Change in How Law Firms Approach Tablets

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

While attorneys are losing interest in the iPad and other tablets, Microsoft's Surface Pro devices are starting to pick up steam.

Until Tech Do Us Part: Legal Tech Startups Tackle Divorces

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

These startups may help couples divorce from their attorneys along with their spouse.

Despite Benefits of Automation, Budget and Time Constraints Still Hinder In-house Tech Adoption

By Ricci Dipshan |

Slow budget growth and lack of time mean many legal technologies are out of reach for a significant amount of in-house counsel.

How Analytics in Trial Prep Can Give Lawyers the Upper Hand

By Dean Gaida, FTI Consulting |

A few key techniques can make a world of difference in the cost and outcome of a matter.

Computer Hacking

Exclusive: Third Parties Leaking Email Addresses, Passwords From Leading Firms on Dark Web

By Zach Warren |

Security experts provide Legaltech News with the most email addresses by law firm domain name compromised in third-party hacks. Do your firm's policies cover this threat?

Andrew Sieja, CEO of kCura

E-Discovery Evolved: The Future of kCura's Relativity and E-Discovery Product Integrations

By Ian Lopez |

kCura's Relativity has grown into the main platform for e-discovery. Where has its evolution placed it amid the marketplace?

E-Discovery's Own Cyber Monday: A Look at E-Discovery Companies' Shopping List

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Holiday shoppers aren't the only ones searching for the hot new toy. LTN examines what e-discovery companies are asking for in M&A this year.

NHTSA Tries to Put the Brakes on Car Hackers

By Todd Benoff, Alston & Bird |

Could the NHTSA's proposed rules actually create more risk for auto manufacturers working on autonomous vehicles?

The Future of IP: Three Legal Dilemmas Facing Virtual and Augmented Reality Platforms

By Ricci Dipshan |

From copyright licensing to fair use considerations and patent trolls, intellectual property technology may run into future legal challenges.

Photo Illustration by Joe Schlue

Does Your Firm's Website Repel Women?

Five easy fixes to make your website, and thus your firm, more appealing to top female talent.

Mary Jo White.

Big Data and Analytics Use 'Transformative' for SEC, White Says

By Rebekah Mintzer |

Outgoing SEC chairwoman says analytics helped build record number of enforcement actions.

Brandon Daniels, president of Clutch Group, in Washington, D.C. November 7, 2016.

Hired Risk: Securing the Law Firm from Betrayed Employee Trust

By Ricci Dipshan |

Inside legal's employee monitoring failsafe and a look at how legal woke up to the prospect of insider threats.

As AI Portends the Death of the Billable Hour, Law Firms Face New Reality

By Ricci Dipshan |

In this week’s AI Round up, LTN explores how AI-empowered in-house counsel are changing firms’ business dynamics, and how firms can adapt to a new market.

Georgetown University Law Center.

Georgetown Law to Launch Institute for Technology Law and Policy

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Law schools are pushing to meet newer legal industry needs, and Georgetown Law is looking to help students shape the conversation.

E-Discovery Takes the Chaos Out of Your Bankruptcy Case

By Vincenzo Toppi, CohnReznick and Yann Geron, Fox Rothschild |

A comprehensive e-discovery program utilizes technology and data management tools to quickly access and review large volumes of financial and business data.

Two Simple Compliance Tips to Get Employees On Board

By Dan Adamson, OutsideIQ |

If compliance officers can get their organization’s employees and third parties to buy in, people work in a compliant way even when nobody is watching.

Now’s the Time for Courts to Accept Digital Signatures

By Pem Guerry, SIGNiX |

After one California lawyer was sanctioned for using electronic signatures, the need for more efficient technology use is here.

Small Device, Big Problems: Three Key Challenges With Mobile E-Discovery

By Ricci Dipshan |

From ever-changing technical demands to security and access considerations, mobile discovery can be an intricate and arduous task.


Online Legal Resources Straddle the Line Between Public Good and Client Generation

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

What do for-profit and nonprofit legal organizations stand to gain from publishing free or low-cost educational resources? Investment in a public good and expertise, to start.

Twitter headquarters

Twitter Beats Back Lawsuit Over Killing of U.S. Contractors by ISIS

By Ross Todd |

Judge Orrick wrote that when it comes to holding Twitter liable as a publisher of ISIS speech, "such liability is barred by the CDA."

Five Reasons a One-Stop E-Discovery Shop is a Win for Clients

By Geoffrey Vance, Perkins Coie |

Perkins Coie’s Geof Vance argues that a one-stop shop can provide cost savings, better work product and more.

When Worlds Collide: Can Cybersecurity and Cyberprivacy Peacefully Coexist?

By Alan Brill, Kroll |

Every organization is going to have to figure out how to balance its cybersecurity program with an effective privacy program.


Looking for an E-Discovery Job? Here's Where 2017 Demand Could Be

By Ricci Dipshan |

The Cowen Group estimates high demand for e-discovery project managers and specialists next year, with service providers driving most of the hiring.

The General Data Protection Regulation’s Key Implications for E-Discovery

By David Moncure, Shell Oil Company; John Del Piero, Discovia; and Jeffrey McKenna, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe |

These new rules are comprehensive and are enforced by serious compliance requirements that contain potentially jaw-dropping financial penalties.

In-House Lawyers Want New Tech but Can't Get the Funding

By Jennifer Williams-Alvarez |

A report from law firm Eversheds and market researcher Winmark Ltd found 64 percent of in-house counsel cite budget as a barrier to technology.

6 Steps for Law Firms to Minimize Damage in a Data Breach Up-Front

By Ian Raine, iManage |

From governing data storage to educating employees, getting prepared doesn’t need to be reactionary.

From Bar Codes to Business Intake: Elegrity’s Kandace Donovan on Legal Tech’s Evolution

By Ricci Dipshan |

Elegrity’s new vice president of sales and marketing discusses the early days of legal technology and the future of matter and business management technologies.

Lawyers and Robots Working in Tandem: The Lawyers Applying AI Today

By Ian Lopez |

As the information age unfolds, lawyers are turning to the technology they once strongly turned against. LTN explores in this week's AI roundup.


London's Simmons & Simmons Offers Time Off Pitches for Innovative Ideas

By Anna Ward |

Innovation proposals will be assessed by an ‘innovation group’ of partners and directors at the firm.

Self-driving Ford Fusion hybrid cars.

Regulators Should Take the Driver's Seat of Autonomous Vehicles

By By Roy Keidar and Tal-Or Cohen, Yigal Arnon and Co. |

As autonomous vehicles begin to see acceptance, regulators face questions of cybersecurity, ownership and infrastructure.

What's the Difference With E-Discovery in Canada? A Heavy ECA Focus, to Start

By Zach Warren |

Canadian e-discovery giant Commonwealth Legal discusses the differences it expects to see in the upcoming ComplexDiscovery e-discovery business survey.


What’s Driving Legal Tech Outsourcing?

By Ricci Dipshan |

In addition to seeking competitive edge, many firms outsource to heed security concerns, efficiency demands, and a younger employee base.

Regulation Snapshot: US, UK and Russian Approaches to Blockchain

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Though leadership shake ups in the U.K. and U.S. have generated uncertainty about blockchain regulation, many global powers are still showing interest in the technology.

Alice Ruling Threw a Wrench in Tech Innovation, but Newly Issued Patent Offers Hope

By Kent Richardson, Richardson Oliver Law Group |

The new CardinalCommerce patent could show the way forward for innovators to gain USPTO approval.

GCs Play Big Role in Handling Data Breach Compliance, Survey Finds

By Jan Wolfe, Corporate Counsel |

An increasing number of companies view the general counsel as the go-to person for handling compliance issues arising from a data breach, according to a recently released survey.

Blockchain Stock art

Report from Russia: Rising Interest in Blockchain Technologies, Amid Legal Issues

By Brian Zimbler, Dmitry Dmitriev and Andrey Ignatenko, Morgan Lewis |

Current regulations and legal obstacles may pose challenges for Russian promoters and developers of cryptocurrencies and other blockchain applications.

Lex Machina’s Chief Data Scientist Talks Leveraging Analytics for the Modern Litigator

By Ian Lopez |

Proponents insist that analytics brings acute business knowledge to the legal department. Brian Howard breaks it down.

Attorneys On The Move: Trending Toward the Mobile Office

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

With added pressures on attorneys to stay connected and mobile, lawyers look increasingly to technology to keep data accessible (but secure) across their mobile devices.

Littler Mandelson.

RoboLaw: A Q&A With Littler’s AI Practice Leader Garry Mathiason

By Dirk Olin, ALM Director of Intelligence |

Mathiason recently sat down in his San Francisco office with ALM Director of Intelligence Dirk Olin to discuss the new group as well as the brave new world of the law machine.

Donald Trump.

Privacy, Cybersecurity Steady Spots in Trump Policy Uncertainty

By Ricci Dipshan |

A look at what the Trump administration's pro-security leanings mean for the future of privacy and cyberwarfare, and government surveillance.

Self Driving Car

NHTSA Official Urges House Committee to Stay the Course in Driverless Rulemaking

By Cheryl Miller, The Recorder |

The nation's top highway safety official on Tuesday continued to tout proposed autonomous-vehicle rules even as the Obama administration prepares to hand power to a new president.

Skip the Lip Services: Tips for Solid Rules-Based Advocacy

By Patrick Oot, Shook Hardy & Bacon |

These tips can guide those advocating for broader adoption of proportional standards in litigation.

Why E-Discovery Project Management? A Q&A with DISCO's New Professional Services Head

By Zach Warren |

Steve Green talks what drew him to DISCO from two prior e-discovery jobs, career advice for those in the industry and more.

Can Hiring an Attorney Be a Data-Driven Choice? This Startup Thinks So

By Ricci Dipshan |

Justice Toolbox's analytics search engine provides clients analytics on potential attorneys based on case types and location.

Baker Donelson “Accelerates” Cybersecurity Startups

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

In building investment in Atlanta’s cybersecurity scene, the law firm found its second start-up partner in Authomate.

FireEye Wins Round in Shareholder Suit

By Ben Hancock |

The judge ruled alleged misrepresentations about the progress of the Mandiant merger amounted to "puffery."

New Survey Examines Status of Social Media Use by Labor and Employment Firms

By Richard Binder |

Bloomberg Law reports that nearly a quarter of labor and employment attorneys don’t use any social media platforms.

Facebook's Paul Grewal

The Benefits of E-Discovery Specialization

By Mark Michels, Deloitte |

Thoughts from Facebook's Paul Grewal from the Georgetown E-Discovery Institute on specialization, social media discovery and more.

Cybersecurity Madness: 3 Things that Really Matter and 3 That Don't

By Diane D. Reynolds and Leonardo M. Tamburello, McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney & Carpenter |

To address the current cybersecurity madness, and reflecting on our experience over the past decade, we offer the following road map for corporate legal counsel to help sort out what's important and what's not.

People, Meeting, Risk Management

From Counsel to Keyboard: The Multipronged Approach to Cybersecurity Compliance

By Ian Lopez |

Pillsbury, FireEye and Thomson Reuters bet they’re better than the “patchwork of industry standards” currently guiding cybersecurity regulations.

Compliance Key Demand for Legal Tech Providers, Enterprise Risk Survey Finds

By Ricci Dipshan |

An AlixPartners' survey finds U.S. and European companies extending its risk management compliance to vendors.

Democratic National Committee headquarters, Washington, D.C.

Disinformation Campaigns in DNC Hacks Could Shift Threat Landscape for Enterprise Cybersecurity

By Gabrielle Orum Hernandez |

Key moments from the 2016 presidential election could predict the future of the data security landscape.

The E-Discovery Travel Guide

You'll need more than a GPS for this voyage.

Franklin Data Acquires Scarab Consulting to Bolster Managed Services

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

The e-discovery provider found value in the consulting group’s talent base, Relativity environment, and market presence.

William Belt, Director of Enterprise Development at Complete Discovery Source.

People in Perspective: E-Discovery Veteran William Belt on Taming Corporate E-Discovery

By Ricci Dipshan |

The new director of enterprise development at Complete Discovery Source talks about the bumpy roads where e-discovery meets corporate business.

Compliance Came to the Forefront of Legal Technology in 2016

By Ian Lopez |

As we begin to come to the end of this year, it's clear that as global regulations grew in complexity, lawyers turned to technology for the answer.

Getting to Yes: Licensing Technology from Academic and Research Institutions

By Robert A. Licht, Choate, Hall & Stewart |

There remain many business and legal obstacles to the successful development and commercialization of technology originating in academic and research institutions.

For Law Firms, AI is Becoming Part of the Legal Practice

By Ian Lopez |

In this week’s AI roundup, we focus on AI’s increasing integration into the workflow and a growing acceptance among firms.

To Encrypt or Not Encrypt? The NYC Bar Weighs in on the Debate

By Ricci Dipshan |

A look at the rise of absolute encryption, the power of the Fourth Amendment and other encryption issues.

data collection

Unstructured Data Tool Heureka Rakes in $1.1M in Seed Funding

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

The data indexing software allows users to analyze data at its point of origin.

L-R Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Election Hack: 3 Technology Realities Brought to the Limelight by Election 2016

By Ian Lopez |

While the severity of the issues' impact remains to be seen, technology unarguably rocked the electorate throughout the campaigns.

E-Notarization Beginning to Gain Traction Nationwide, Whitepaper Says

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

In-person and remote e-notarizations are starting to see heightened interest from the mortgage banking community and elsewhere.


Singapore Offers Clues on the Future of Courtroom Technology

By Ricci Dipshan |

A look at how the integrated courtroom and related technologies have evolved in the city-nation.

Client Data Security Obligations Begin With the Law Firm

By Timothy Opsitnick, TCDI |

No matter whether firms keep data in-house or work with third parties, certain cybersecurity controls should be in place.

Worried About New Appellate Brief Word Counts? WordRake Looks to Help

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

With the rule capping appellate briefs at 13,000 to take effect December 1, updates to the proofreading tool are aimed at helping slim down briefs.

Hillary Clinton campaigning in Wilton Manors, FL. October 30, 2016.

Nothing Unusual in FBI's Eight-Day Clinton Email Review: E-discovery Experts

By Ricci Dipshan |

The FBI's eight-day review of 650,000 emails is longer than most data sets of similar size would take.

Can Law Firms Finally Let IT Go?

By Daniella Isaacson, ALM Legal Intelligence |

The recently released 21st annual LTN Tech Survey, which surveys law firm technology and operations leaders on technology-related issues, reveals a slightly different nuance than in years past.

Global Data

A Guide to Global Review: Laws and Culture International E-discovery Practitioners Should Know

By Ricci Dipshan |

A look at e-discovery culture, regulations and guidance from a host of some of the most active global e-discovery markets around the world.

M&A (Merger & acquisition) sign with people icon linked as network on businessman hand

FRONTEO Acquires Document Review Specialist Essential Discovery

By Zach Warren |

The EDI acquisition will allow FRONTEO access to an additional 150 seats for document review in the United States.

Vector icons in flat retro style - finance and business illustration

Automation, Mobility the Next Steps in Law Firm Case Management?

By Ian Lopez |

Aderant says automation in case management can lower both risks and costs.

What Is Proportional? Focus on Relevancy Helps Shape Proportionality Analysis

By Patricia Antezana, Reed Smith |

Inside the District of Arizona's recent e-discovery decision from 'In re: Bard IVC Filters Products Liability Litigation.'

Justice Should Be Blind, the Cost of Document Processes Shouldn't Be

By Dennis Amorosano, Canon U.S.A. |

Understanding the cost metrics associated with printing can allow firms to strategically manage assets.

Executives walking inside gears

Foxwordy to Offer Premium Access to National Bar Association Members

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

While "partnership" is a buzzword in the legal tech community, it rarely involves free access.

'Manual Tools' Define In-House Counsel's Legal Project Management, Survey Finds

By Ricci Dipshan |

An Exterro survey found that while in-house is implementing better-structured legal management processes, most lag in tech adoption.

Hash(tagging) it Out: Litigation in the New Media Age

By Lauren Casazza and Sara Winik, Kirkland & Ellis |

More than ever before, companies are forced to consider whether and how to fight back outside the courthouse with the help of social media.

Artificial Intelligence robot Pepper dances for the audience during the We Robot 2016 conference held at the UM Law School.

All Eyes on AI: The New Focus of Legal Tech?

By Ian Lopez |

In this week's focus on AI, buzz grows around machine learning’s application to the legal world.

Community Tech: NY LGBT Bar Association Partners With for Pro Bono, Referral Services

By Ricci Dipshan |

The partnership allows the bar association to track LGBT legal services demand in the NY Metropolitan Area.

Programming Ethics Into AI for the Sake of Humanity

By Larry Bridgesmith, LegalAlignment |

Is it time that law and other major industries consider the dangers of AI innovation?

Legal Departments See Small Increase in Technology Spending, Study Finds

By Sue Reisinger, Corporate Counsel |

The HBR Consulting survey shows a focus on document management, legal spend analytics and contract management.

K&L Gates offices in Washington, D.C. January 8, 2016. Photo by Diego M. Radzinschi/THE NATIONAL LAW JOURNAL.

K&L Gates Gives $10M to Client Carnegie Mellon for AI Study

By Gina Passarella |

The bulk of the gift will be used to further scientific and scholarly research about the ethical and policy issues surrounding artificial intelligence.

The Contract E-Discovery Staffing Revolution Continues

By Jared Coseglia, TRU Staffing Partners |

The reasons for massive adoption of contract staffing solutions are further illustrated by scalability, managed services, tool consolidation, and the millennial factor.

Move Over Silicon Valley: New U.K. Angel Fund Takes Aim at Big Law Technology

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

These Big Law vet angel funders at Hamilton Ramsey may be a new fixture in the legal tech investment market.

Tech Modernizes Government's Legal Services, the Challenge Turns to Design

By Ricci Dipshan |

A look at the importance of design in legal service and aid platforms, and how modern day companies are streamlining once burdensome processes.

Hillary Clinton. Shutterstock

Understanding the Reality of Review in the Clinton Email Investigation

By Ian Lopez |

The data set is relatively small, but other factors may push answers beyond Election Day.

Combination of Technology and Humans Work Best in E-Discovery Review, Study Finds

By Samantha Joseph |

A joint research project by EDI and Oracle is finding that TAR is often faster and cheaper when identifying relevant documents.

Having Trouble Finding Value? DMS Is Best

By John Gilbert, nQueue |

The keys to DMS are ease of use and allowing users to work how they like.

What Are the Feds Looking for in E-discovery? Flexibility and Security, to Start

By Ricci Dipshan |

E-discovery winners of the U.S. government's "Disparate Data Challenge" discuss the challenges and opportunities of working with federal clients.


Global Patent Agency Develops “Groundbreaking” Artificial Intelligence Translation Tool

By Chris Johnson |

The tool uses “cutting-edge neural machine” technology to translate technical patent documents into a second language.

'Legalweek, The Experience' to Launch in Tandem With Legaltech New York

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

The new combined event will add business of law and other aspects of the legal industry to Legaltech New York.

Donnelley Investment in eBrevia Shows Financial Industry Focus on Legal Tech

By Zach Warren |

The investment “came up naturally as part of our ongoing strategic partnership,” eBrevia says.

3 Ways E-Discovery is Safer in the Cloud than On-Premise

By David Greetham, Ricoh USA |

Often, cloud service providers have stronger security options than those at law firms.

Intraspexion's Litigation Risk Solution Latest in Automated Risk Prevention Tech

By Ricci Dipshan |

The startup partnered with enterprise search company dtSearch to launch its risk automation platform in what is quickly becoming a rising market.

Automation and Selective Culling Key to CloudNine & Heureka Partnership

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Combining e-discovery automation with point-of-creation indexing could change the paradigm around data culling, the combined company says.

The Deal and The Data: 3 Ways Cybersecurity Is Changing M&As

By Ricci Dipshan |

M&A practitioners are increasingly expected to provide cybersecurity expertise and help steer companies clear of regulatory action.

AI as the Inevitable: Legal Explores the Frontier of Machine Learning

By Ian Lopez |

This week brings us one chatbot, one ‘robot judge’ closer in the AI revolution of legal.

Cybersecurity - Melodia

Is Cyberinsurance Really Worth It? Using ADR to Resolve Cyberattack Disputes

By Daniel Garrie and Andrew Nadolna |

While cyberinsurance offers tremendous benefits to those who seek to mitigate their risks, due to its relative youth as an industry, there are many cases where cyber claims will be disputed.

Little Chance ICANN Will Lose US Internet Control, So What's the Future?

By Ed Silverstein |

One last-ditch effort by four state attorneys general was rejected by a federal court, despite the states' argument that turning internet oversight over to ICANN was unconstitutional.

Despite Unprecedented DDoS Attack, Experts See Little Movement on Federal Cybersecurity Laws

By Ricci Dipshan |

While many see a lack of action on federal cybersecurity laws, there is a possibility of broad standards being developed for Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Digging for Gold in the Cloud

By Sarah Thompson, Zapproved and Jessica Fain, Box Governance |

How to leverage the increased evidentiary value of cloud data to your advantage

Short Legal Explainer Videos to Debut on Social Media Feeds Near You

By Gabrielle Orum Hernandez |

TalksOnLaw, a legal video learning platform, debuted a set of social media-optimized short videos.

PM Investigations and inSync Litigation Support Combine to Form Tech/Investigation Hybrid

By Zach Warren |

The New York-centric company, PM Legal, looks to have 'the broadest offerings' in litigation support investigations.

Zev Eigen (HANDOUT).

Littler Mendelson Gambles on Data Mining as Competition Changes

By Roy Strom |

Law firms’ proprietary case management products and tech capabilities are becoming crucial factors for clients deciding which firms to hire.

Michal Rosenn, general counsel of Kickstarter. January 21, 2016. Photo by Annie Tritt. (FREELANCE - OK TO USE BY ALM)

FTC Hears From Company Leaders as Crowdfunding Grows

By Cheryl Miller, The Recorder |

The future of crowdfunding is one of specialization, with an ever-increasing number of firms finding niches in equity, nonprofit and even creative projects silos, industry leaders told a Federal Trade Commission gathering on Wednesday.

Online Sellers Beware: New Jersey's Consumer Contract Statute Casts a Broad Net

By Deborah Renner, BakerHostetler, and Kimberly Kalmanson, Kalmanson Law Office |

The TCCWNA is providing headaches to companies involved in New Jersey selling or nationwide online contracts, warranties and notices.


BDO Board Survey Finds Board of Directors Increasingly Invested in Cybersecurity Issues

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Though companies show improved attention to cybersecurity issues, BDO's Michael Stiglianese said corporate leadership shouldn't pat themselves on the back quite yet.

London Calling: FRONTEO's European Expansion, With Eye on Regulated EU Market

By Ricci Dipshan |

The e-discovery managed services firm noted that it will take a "wait-and-see" attitude to opening an additional center outside of the U.K. given the country's impending Brexit.

3 Partnerships Bringing AI to GCs and Compliance Professionals

By Ian Lopez |

Clutch Group is betting it can make AI more "accessible" and "intelligible" to stakeholders via automated compliance, surveillance tools.

Hannah Samendinger, legal project manager at Alt Legal.

Women of Legal Tech: Hannah Samendinger, Diving Right Into Technology

By Monica Bay |

Alt Legal's Samendinger may have just sat for the bar in July, but she already has cultivated some key secrets to success.

What the Omtool, ILTA Roadshow Taught Me About Records Management

By Zach Warren |

The Minneapolis edition of the records management roadshow attempts to find an intimate, open middle ground for legal tech education.

iStockphoto/Hong Li

Does Your Law Firm Have [Paper] Skeletons in Its Closets?

By Karen Cummings |

If you're ready to get rid of paper, here are five different scanning options for your consideration.

Denton's Nextlaw Invests in Qualmet in Effort to Measure Legal Service Quality

By Ricci Dipshan |

The investment is the latest in Nextlaw's strategy to investment in startups that ease legal industry pain points.

M&A (Merger & acquisition) sign with people icon linked as network on businessman hand

LDiscovery’s Acquisition of Kroll Ontrack Marks the Latest in a Merging E-Discovery Market

By Ian Lopez |

The value of the acquisition is estimated to be $410 million and will likely close in Q4 2016.

Deloitte Survey Finds Increase of IP Cyberthefts on the Horizon, and Many Unprepared

By Ricci Dipshan |

In the face of IP cyberthefts, experts advise organizations to train employees and deploy IP attorneys.

(l-r) Ludwig Bull, Rebecca Agliolo, Nadia Abdul, and Jozef Maruscak

Crime-Reporting 'Chatbot' the Newest Way Law Students Leveraging AI

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

As chatbots pick up steam in legal, University of Cambridge's LawBot can communicate legal information in everyday language.

Charles D. Curran.

Former AOL Counsel, Big Data Expert Joins Venable as Partner in Privacy, Data Security Practice

By Ricci Dipshan |

Charles Curran comes to Venable with decades of experience navigating data regulations and educating policymakers on emerging technologies.

Richard Lutkus, Seyfarth Shaw

A Big Law 'Ethical Hacker' on Preventing Cyberattacks

By Ross Todd |

The Recorder recently spoke with Richard Lutkus, who’s likely the only big-firm lawyer who doubles as a certified ethical hacker, about steps he takes with clients to help protect their data.

4 Steps to Defensible Deletion Within E-Discovery

By Corey Wilburn, DataEndure |

Defensible data deletion policies can help reduce the cost and risks associated with retaining information.

Scientists Create Artificial Intelligence Software That Can Predict Trial Results

By Chris Johnson |

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania worked with peers at two leading U.K. universities to create machine-learning algorithms that automatically analyze patterns in case text.

3 Ways Attorneys Bolster In-house Counsel’s Enterprise Cybersecurity Efforts

By Ricci Dipshan |

With expertise on breach notification laws and insights to incident response plans, outside counsel can be a vital asset in enterprise cybersecurity.

Turning off the Tech: Reed Smith Disconnects to Brainstorm on Tech Solutions

By Ian Lopez |

The international law firm clears the clutter by reducing electronic noise that defines the modern work space.

Records Management Systems Still Behind Document Management for Law Firms, Survey Finds

By Zach Warren |

The Mattern & Associates survey found just 68 percent of firms had records retention policies that covered both electronic and paper data.

Christopher Mellen, Director of Technology Advisory Services for BDO Consulting.

BDO Consulting Appoints Former White House Cybersecurity Executive as Information Risk Team Director

By Ricci Dipshan |

Christopher Mellen will join BDO with decades of experience in traditional cybersecurity and e-discovery.

Mind the Machines: Time to Explore the Potential of Machine Learning

By Rees Morrison, Altman Weil |

As machine learning is the future, law firms should begin to explore its potential.

Yahoo Inc. headquarters in Sunnyvale, Calif.

Cyber Due Diligence in a Post-Yahoo World

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Following the turmoil of the Yahoo/Verizon deal, cyber due diligence consultants speak to the precautions GCs can and should take.

Will AI Rush in a ‘Skills Renaissance’ in Law?

By Ian Lopez |

There’s a technology revolution underway in law. This week's AI roundup explores, what does the future hold for the lawyer?

Trial Technology Expert Joins Opus 2 International as Electronic Courtrooms Gain Traction

By Ricci Dipshan |

Cheryl Wilson-Griffin joins Opus 2 International from Mayer Brown and Kirkland & Ellis as the company's client success manager.

Paul Hastings sign at NYC offices

Paul Hastings Latest Big Firm to Dabble in Data Analytics

By Nell Gluckman |

Thomas Barnett, an e-discovery and data science special counsel at Paul Hastings, has been building a team of mathematicians, data scientists and e-discovery project managers.

(l-r) Bruce S. Markowitz, vice president of eDiscovery for Evolver Legal Services, Paul A. Meyer, managing counsel of Towers Watson & Co., Antigone Peyton, founder and CEO of Cloudigy Law, Robert D. Keeling, of Sidley Austin, and Oral Pottinger, of Mayer Brown, during a panel discussion titled “Faster, Bigger, Better e-Discovery: Leveraging Technology to Its Fullest,” part of the Masters Conference for Legal Professionals, held at the Capital Hilton in Washington, D.C., Oct. 19, 2016.

A Look at the Future of E-Discovery: More Data, More Problems

By Zoe Tillman |

Masters Conference panelists discuss evolving e-discovery tools, sending data to the cloud, and more.

The Startup Scene: Frustrations and Futures for Venture Capitalists in Legal Technology

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

While legal technology is still a nascent market rife with challenges, venture capitalists are hopeful about start-up prospects.

Federal Regulators Propose Tougher Cybersecurity Standards for Big Banks

U.S. banking regulators on Wednesday unveiled a proposal to enhance cybersecurity risk-management and resilience standards for the largest banks and their interconnected entities.

Bloomberg Law Launches Litigation Analytics Solution as Legal Analytics Market Heats Up

By Ricci Dipshan |

Bloomberg Law described its analytic solution as part of its “full service” legal research offering, which it believes stands apart from “niche players” in the legal analytics space.

Hands of business person holding illuminated light bulb sign

A Guide to Four Technologies Disrupting Legal Tech

By Ian Lopez |

Guiding legal technology’s transition from esoteric to standard are four technologies: blockchain, machine learning, the cloud, and analytics.

Top E-Discovery Talent: Why Own, When You Should Loan

By Jared Coseglia, TRU Staffing Partners |

In a climate of gargantuan e-discovery consolidation, contract staffing will emerge as the competitive edge for large and small employers alike.

OutsideIQ's DDIQ Leverages Artificial Intelligence for Automated Anti-Bribery Compliance

By Ricci Dipshan |

The tool searches unstructured and structured bribery databases and the open and dark web to help organizations adhere to the ISO 37001 standard.

Judge Frank Maas, of the U.S. District Court of the Southern District of New York, right, speaks during a judges panel at the EDI Leadership Summit at the Ritz-Carlton Fort Lauderdale, on October 14, 2016. Also on the panel, from left: Nan Nolan of JAMS, Andrew Peck and Lisa Margaret Smith, of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, and Judge Ronald Buch of the U.S. Tax Court.

FRCP Amendments Leading to E-Discovery Tension in Courtrooms, Judges Say

By Samantha Joseph |

The five judges at the EDI Summit in Fort Lauderdale explored—and disagreed on—the bench's role in e-discovery disputes.

PwC and Wolters Kluwer ELM to Partner on Claims Litigation Workflow

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

The partnership is another reflection of a burgeoning marriage between consultant review and legal enterprise technology.

Legal's Move to the Cloud: CloudLex Closes Series A Round With $3.7M

By Ian Lopez |

The investment marks another step in the legal technology industry's continued transition to the cloud.

The Complications and Complexity of Evaluating Risk Analytics

By Eli Nelson, The Claro Group |

Risk analytics can complicate traditional interpretations of legal issues like jurisdiction and how to apply guidance around retention, security, interoperability and use.

Tom Hnatowski, director of EDRM.

EDRM Formalizes Tom Hnatowski as Director as Duke Law Integration Continues

By Zach Warren |

Formerly with the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, Hnatowski looks to promote cooperation between judges, attorneys and e-discovery companies.

RAVN Partners with Fireman & Co. to Bring AI Search to North America Clients

By Ian Lopez |

The move marks the next step in the technology company's ongoing growth strategy into the U.S. legal technology marketplace.

Libryo and Clause Next in Dentons’ NextLaw Labs Investment Portfolio

By Gabrielle Orum Hernandez |

NextLaw Labs flexes its investment potential as it adds two new start-ups to its growing development network.

Most Firms Feel Assured in Cybersecurity Abilities, but Is That False Confidence?

By Ricci Dipshan |

An ALM Intelligence survey finds law firms are coming up short in implementing and testing incident response plans and vendor security protections.

Verizon GC Investigating 'Material Impact' of Yahoo Breach

By Stephanie Forshee, Corporate Counsel |

GC Craig Silliman said Yahoo's data breach has given Verizon "a reasonable basis to believe right now that the impact is material."

Ransomware: To Pay Or Not To Pay?

By Hanley Chew, Fenwick & West |

Ultimately, when it comes to dealing with ransomware, avoiding an attack in the first place cures all.