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eDiscovery in 2016: A Comprehensive Guide for Legal Professionals
Here you will find cutting-edge resources covering the latest trends and news in eDiscovery – all dedicated to making you the best in your field.
Complimentary White Paper: eDiscovery without Borders
This white paper discusses the legal restrictions of foreign ESI, best practices for processing and review, and more.
An In-House Counsel's Guide to eDiscovery
For practiced in-house counsel, managing eDiscovery can be like suddenly living in a country where nobody speaks your language. This white paper offers best practices, a comprehensive map of the eDiscovery terrain, and tips for effective eDiscovery efforts.
Complimentary White Paper: Mitigating Risk in Handling eDiscovery
This white paper takes a deep dive on the subject of U.S Export Control laws and regulations, and how they dictate your eDiscovery efforts.
Legal drafting technology with precision and reassurance
Legal drafting can be time-consuming, costly, and - let's face it - less than stimulating. Learn how legal drafting technology can prove an essential partner here.